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My talks are engaging and interactive and include cutting-edge information that people can apply to their everyday lives.  I have spoken to over 30 organizations in San Diego and other locations including:

  • Hadassah Women’s Zionist Organization of America
  • Soroptimist International
  • National Employee’s Assistance
  • Professional Association (SDEAPA)
  • Organization for Educational Resources and Technological Training (ORT)
  • Educational Philanthropic Organization
  • Elizabeth Hospice
  • Altrusa International, Inc.

I give talks on resilience based on my book, Navigating Change, and on dreams and dreaming, based on my book Bridging Night and Day. 

Resilience Presentation: "Don’t Just Bounce Back, Bounce Forward!"

Resilience is the ability to bounce back from adversity. This talk is based on my book, Navigating Change: How to Go from Trauma to Transformation.

We’ll answer the questions:  Why are some people better able than others to weather traumatic events like job loss, home foreclosure, death of a loved one, or divorce?  What character traits are associated with resilience? And how can we learn to be more resilient?   Most importantly, how can we approach our difficult life transitions so that we can more readily heal and grow through them?

Dream Presentation: "Decoding the Hidden Messages of Your Dreams"

In my talk on dreams and dreaming, I emphasize the guiding and healing power of dreams—how to more easily remember and record your dreams, a simple way to interpret dream symbols and themes, and how to work with dreams in a group. Bridging Night and Day:  Decoding the Hidden Messages of Your Dreams is a reader-friendly, interactive guidebook to help people connect their dreams to their everyday lives.

Comments about my Presentations

"Dr. Ariadne has the most soothing voice. One of our new members stated it was fate that she was here because it was so relevant in her life. She was encouraging and empowering. It was a joy to have her speak to us. I hope to hear her speak again."


Janice Riggins, President

Altrusa of San Diego North County Coastal Club


"I have attended several of Patricia’s dream presentations and talks as well as her Dream Workshop. She is an interesting, informative and most engaging speaker. She loves public speaking and it is evident. When you are in her presence you are totally focused and enraptured in her words. The last dream talk I attended was absolutely fascinating and everyone in attendance enjoyed, raved, and was touched by her salient words on the topic."


Adele Ball, RN

Participant, Attendee


"Dr. Ariadne was a delight for our audience. Her personable lecture was not only informative but a wonderful experience for all. Information was shared in a succinct and easy to understand way followed up by a very lively Q&A; sessions. We look forward to having Dr. Ariadne back again."


Keith Gemme

Library Programs & Venues Coordinator

Carlsbad City Library, Dove Branch

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I'd love to speak to your group! Please call me at 760.445.0805 or email me using the form below.