These reader-friendly, interactive books offer easy strategies for better living.

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The Transition Series

Enlightened Aging: Living with Passion, Play and Purpose

It's time to look at growing older in a whole new light. "Old age" needs a new title and attitude. With a growing elder population, it's imperative that we discover how to successfully manage late-life loss, loneliness, livelihood, health issues, money concerns, spiritual questions and technological challenges.

Enlightened Aging is organized with journal questions, surveys and exercises to engage you. This book will help you achieve perspective and see yourself objectively as the primary character in your own life story. 

"In our youth-based culture, it's high time we had a user-friendly, interactive book about how to age successfully and gracefully. Patricia's focus on the spiritual aspect of aging is both heartening, hopeful, and refreshing." - Judith Balian, M.Ed

Navigating Change: How to Go From Trauma to Transformation

Change can help us learn greater resilience and strength in the face of life's test and trials. How we manage change and transition is the key to living a more successful and happier life. Navigating Change provides you with tools to handle change and the transition period that follows it. 

Using interactive exercises such as journalling, quizzes, dream work and active imagination, this book will help you develop greater resilience. 

The skillful management of change in your life will not only help you to bounce back from change but will help you to bounce forward. 

"Why wasn't this book written years ago when I could have really used it?  I've read lots of self-help books, but this is the first one that would have been really useful when I was diagnosed with incurable cancer and then 'asked' to retire when I could no longer do the job. I highly recommend this book and its invaluable exercises for those who are sincerely interested in dealing with their trauma now and discovering their unique path to transformation. Thank you, Patricia, for bringing this book out to the world!" - Jim Hawkins, Chief Administrative Officer, Emeritus, UCSD

Bridging Night & Day: Decoding the Hidden Messages of Your Dreams

Dreams are life. They are not separate from us, they are us!

Acting as our own personal GPS, dreams offer help with work situations, provide insight into our relationships, and help us gain clarity about life decisions. 

Bridging Night and Day is an interactive guidebook to help you learn easy ways to bridge your dreams to your everyday life.  This book includes simple methods to increase dream recall and to record your dreams; easy ways to interpret common dream themes; explanations of nightmares and reoccurring dreams; and descriptions of how waking dreams can improve our lives.

"Dr. Ariadne's understanding of the relevance of the dream world to our physicial, psychological, and spiritual dimensions is without parallel. In Bridging Night and Day, she proves that she also possesses the rare ability to translate that information in a most understandable way. This books if for all those who are ready to explore their own dream lives."  - Sandra Rogers, MA, LMFT

Transition Series Books


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