Change and Transition Workshops

Navigating Change

The latest book in my Transition Series.

You or someone you know may be experiencing a crisis or major turning point in life. The Change and Transition Workshop not only helps you learn practical survival skills to get through this difficult event but event supports the idea that you will become stronger for having experienced it!

Change vs. Transition:  Is there a Difference?

The word change applies to the outer event that happens to us; the inner process of how you react and adjust to the change or event is the transition. Transitions are how we grow through life. They are part of Our Personal Journey of Transformation, a natural process of Self-Renewal.

What is the Pattern of a Transition?

Understanding the pattern, or the sequential stages, of a transition can help you feel less overwhelmed during your life change. The Change and Transition Workshop walks you through these stages and offers tools to help you navigate each phase of the transition cycle.


During the Change and Transition Workshop, you will learn the qualities that characterize resilience, the key to surviving and thriving through transitions. Suggestions on how to develop these important qualities, such as self-reliance and perseverance, will be are a part of the Workshop.

Spiritual Awakening

When life flattens us, most of us begin asking the questions that trigger a spiritual awakening inside of us, questions such as:  “Does life have meaning?”  What is my purpose in life?” “Do I really have inner guidance—and if so, how do I get in touch with it?”  Learn how to contact your inner GPS, or Higher Self, to find direction in a time of confusion and uncertainty.

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