How I Work

Patricia Ariadne's office in EncinitasEach of my clients is unique. With this in mind, I work organically with your inner guidance rather than limiting our work together to specific psychological theories.

I specialize in working with clients who are dealing with radical change: divorce, illness, death of a loved one, the aging process, childhood sexual abuse, a broken heart. If you are willing to do the hard work necessary to grow personally and spiritually, I would like to work with you. Through our work together, you will come to see your tests and trials as gateways to becoming more whole.

Dreamwork and Visualization

Dream and visualization work are my specialties. Your dreams are an inner guidance system. I find that dreams often cut to the core of an issue, making therapeutic work more efficient.  In addition to working with clients individually, I also host dream sharing groups as well as facilitating dream workshops.  To learn more, please visit my workshop page.

Like dreams, your body is an ally in the healing process. Using visualization, I often work with old memories, negative emotions, and dysfunctional patterns that are stuck in the body. Once these energies are released, a positive shift in your outer life usually occurs, resulting in increased self-esteem, better relationships, and more joy.

Cutting Old Ties

Sometimes when you think you have moved on from a relationship or way of being, energetic ties remain that keep you stuck. You may find that you are attracting the same dysfunctional relationships or situations again and again. To break this holding pattern, I use a specific technique called “cutting the ties.” This healing process can release and resolve the negative connections that limit your happiness and success in life.

Dark Night of Soul

The Dark Night of Soul is an extended period of intense emotional upheaval and life-altering change.  It is a process of radical psychological and spiritual transformation that affects every aspect of a person’s being.

It is essential that you have a compassionate ally as you successfully surmount life’s suffering. I am able to go with people through the Dark Night of Soul as they descend to the “bottom of their own wells” and return to life renewed. Together we will look at the broader purpose of your crisis and what it has to teach you.

Working together in the safe space of my cozy office, I will support and encourage you as you face your challenges. With me as your ally, you do not have to walk through the darkness alone.

Payment for Services

Payment for services is accepted via cash, check, or credit cards via PayPal.  Some insurance is accepted.  Multiple session packages are available at special pricing. For more information, see my Fees for Services page.

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Working with Patricia has been so personally rewarding.  I feel stronger and better
equipped to handle the changes life throws at me.  Thank you Patricia for making
me realize how strong I really am!