The Dark Night of Soul

The term “Dark Night of Soul” was coined by the 16th century mystic Saint John of the Cross. It refers to the journey of the soul from its bodily home to union with God. It is called the “Dark Night” because darkness represents the hardships and difficulties people encounter as they seek to grow in spiritual maturity and union with God. The Dark Night of Soul reveals that our lives may have a design and purpose far grander than anything we have imagined.

As the author of Drinking the Dragon: Stories of the Dark Night of Soul, I have worked with people from all walks of life to help them successfully navigate life’s most difficult challenges.

Watch a video on surviving and thriving through the Dark Night of Soul below:


Purpose of the Dark Night

Healing childhood wounds
Releasing guilt
Reconnecting to Spirit
Realizing ones purpose in life
Prioritizing life goals/activities
Learning to listen to spiritual guidance
Becoming service-oriented
Becoming less materialistic
Becoming psychologically “whole”
Resolving bitter relationships
Forgiving oneself

Events that can trigger the Dark Night
Death of a spouse
Sudden disability
End of career or loss of job
Death or illness of a child
Disability or Illness
Natural catastrophes

Symptoms of the Dark Night
Dissatisfaction with life
Profound disappointment

Ways of Working with the Dark Night
Meditation and prayer
Reading sacred texts
Being in nature
Working in the garden
Making soup
Writing poetry
Listening to soothing music
Body work
Working with dreams/journaling
Less TV & computer time
Art expression

I can be your guide as you cross to the other side of your difficult life passage. Let me help you heal your past, manage the present, and shape your future.  Contact me.