There is no virtue in being spiritual and poor, just as there is no moral superiority in being spiritual and rich.  If the universe is naturally bountiful and riches can be manifested with right attitudes and thoughts, what does it mean to be what is variously called a Spiritual Student, Initiate, Light Worker, New Ager, or World Server and to struggle with money?

My own experience is that money comes and goes, depending on life decisions I have made and lessons that I have needed.  To be a spiritual student does not mean that one gets everything that one wishes for (without a commensurate cost, that is)!  The claim that the committed spiritual student can have anything at anytime, if the right affirmations are made, is a pitch made by those who sell promises of instant riches through repetitive formulas and packaged programs. To be sure, some alterations in thought patterns regarding self and money are very important, as many people benefit from learning to better value themselves and their work.  However, if returning to the God Source is truly first in the individual’s life, then everything—including the inflow of money—must serve this purpose!

At certain times, the spiritual initiate may go through tests related to health problems, relationship challenges, or money shortages, any of which might actually assist, on a deeper level, to heal karma, encourage true humility, engender greater trust, and impart more compassion for others.  There is a great strength that can be learned when one feels vulnerable and uncertain; these are the times we learn what supports us when all the props beneath us—the things we thought we could rely on (including money)—are no longer in place.  The important questions to ask yourself when money is scarce are:  What have I been learning through this experience?  Am I doing everything in my power to act in my own best interests (i.e., making efforts to improve my financial picture)?  And finally, Can I surrender the rest to God, for my own and others’ greatest good? (i.e., spiritual growth).