Dream Guide Training Program for Professionals in the Mental Health Field

The Dream Guide Training Program for Professionals is for psychologists, psychotherapists, social workers, and other persons working in the mental health field. It is designed to help specialists integrate dream work into their existing practice.

How Valuable is Dream Work as a Clinical Tool?

  • Practitioners trained in dream work can lead clients to reveal, process, and heal inner conflicts and unresolved emotional issues.
  • Mental health professionals can learn to help clients bridge dreams to their everyday lives for practical solutions to the problems they face at work or home.
  • Working with dreams in the therapy room is also a means for clients to discover unconscious or hidden aspects of their personalities on their road to greater wholeness.

What Will You Learn in the Dream Guide Training Program?

  • Methods to recall and record dreams
  • An easy way to interpret dream material, including the FOSIA Method (Feelings-One sentence-Symbols-Interpretation-Action)
  • Learn the ABC’s(Access-Bridge-inCorporate) of helping clients connect their dreams to daily lives
  • An introduction to various types of dreams
  • Dream-related tools and techniques
  • Common dream themes and symbols
  • Different approaches to understanding dreams
  • The dreamer as “authority” over his/her own dream material
  • The Higher Self as the dreamer’s ultimate “Dream Guide”
  • The practice of dream work in a simulated clinical setting
  • The practice of dream work in a group using a special non-intrusive method

Watch a video on using dream work in the therapeutic process:

How Will You Learn in the Dream Guide Training Program?

The Training Program comprises two modules:

  • The first module is an introduction to the world of dreams and dreaming. It consists of a one-day four-hour workshop that covers dream basics such as recalling and recording dreams, types of dreams, approaches to understanding dreams, and an easy way to interpret dreams.
  • The second module is directly focused on applying dream work in clinical practice in a second one-day four-hour workshop. Professionals will have the opportunity to role play with one another to simulate dream work with clients as well as to work with dreams in a group setting.
  • Eight continuing education credits, approved by the  _____________, are earned with the two-day course on instruction.

What Qualifies Me To Be Your Trainer?

I am a licensed psychotherapist in private practice in Encinitas, California. Known as The Transition Therapist, I emphasizes the guiding and healing power of dreams in her practice as well as in her books, magazine articles, talks, and workshops.  I am the author of several books, most recently Bridging Night and Day: Decoding the Hidden Messages of Your Dreams, a reader-friendly, interactive guidebook to help people connect their dreams to their everyday lives. My book, Women Dreaming-into-Art, is based on interviews with well-known women artists who use their dreams in their art. My unique approach to dreams has been featured on television, radio, and newspapers as well as at professional conferences and seminars across the country.

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