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I present talks and workshops on the healing power of dreams and dreaming and the successful resolution of life’s most challenging transitions including the Dark Night of Soul. I also speak on developing resilience to successfully meet life’s difficulties.

My talks and workshops are engaging and interactive and include cutting-edge information that participants can apply to their everyday lives.  I have spoken to over 30 organizations in San Diego and other locations including Hadassah Women’s Zionist Organization of America, Soroptimist International, National Employee’s Assistance Professional Association (SDEAPA), Organization for Educational Resources and Technological Training (ORT), Educational Philanthropic Organization, Elizabeth Hospice, and Altrusa International, Inc.

I also give presentations based on my books, Women Dreaming-into-Art and Drinking the Dragon:  Stories of the Dark Night of Soul.  These books are even more timely now than when they were written as more and more people today are being pulled into the periods of turmoil and struggle described in both books. My presentations offer ways to deal with these challenging times, which for many may herald the next step in human consciousness.

Dream-Book-Cover-optBridging Night & Day: Decoding the Hidden Messages of Your Dreams

In my talk on dreams and dreaming, I emphasize the guiding and healing power of dreams.  I present information on how to more easily remember and record your dreams, a simple way to interpret dream symbols and themes, and how to work with dreams in a group.  This talk is based on my book Bridging Night and Day:  Decoding the Hidden Messages of Your Dreams, a reader-friendly, interactive guidebook to help people connect their dreams to their everyday lives.

book-cover3Navigating Change: How to Go from Trauma to Transformation
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Resilience is the ability to bounce back from adversity. The focus of this talk is successfully navigating change. We’ll answer the questions:   Why are some people better able than others to weather traumatic events like job loss, home foreclosure, death of a loved one, or divorce?  What character traits are associated with resilience? And how can we learn to be more resilient?   Most importantly, how can we approach our difficult life transitions so that we can more readily heal and grow through them? I present cutting edge information on managing change in your life from the book, Navigating Change:  How to Go from Trauma to Transformation.

Women Dreaming-into-Art: Two Women Who Create from Dreams

Women Dreaming-into-Art: Seven Artists Who Create from Dreams is based on a series of interviews with seven well-known women artists.  The women share ways in which their dreams have influenced their creativity, spirituality, and cultural awareness. They also relate how periods of profound emotional and psychological upheaval in their lives helped them to find their authentic voices as artists and as women.

This presentation features two of the book’s artists—Deena Metzger:  author, poet, and healer, and Anna Halprin: choreographer, dancer, and healer. Slides of their art are shown while the dreams that influenced their work are described. Miscellaneous art slides by other artists are also dramatically illustrate the women’s experiences.  Emphasis is given to how, through their transformative experiences, these women created art to build community, heal the environment, and mend the divisions in society through spirituality and the feminine principle.

Drinking the Dragon: Two Stories of the Dark Night of Soul

For my book, Drinking the Dragon:  Stories of the Dark Night of Soul, I interviewed persons who have experienced prolonged periods of psychological suffering in their lives.  Unlike artists, who are often temperamentally susceptible to such turmoil, these “everyday” people were pulled into transformational processes, or Dark Nights of Soul, by outer life crises. Such crises include the loss of a son, the death of a spouse, the diagnosis of a catastrophic illness, and the confrontation of childhood sexual abuse.

This presentation features two of the book’s interviewees, Sherri Mandell and William Prince.  Sherri experienced the Dark Night as a result of her son’s murder in the war-torn desert outside of Jerusalem. William Prince is a contractor and facilitator for men’s groups which are affiliated with the Mankind Project (an organization that influences men toward world service).  His wife Suzanne died of a brain aneurysm in 1996.  The dramatic narration of the Sherri’s and William’s stories is illustrated with slides from their lives as well as by slides of art by various artists.

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