Patricia is the author of four books, Drinking the Dragon: Stories of the Dark Night of Soul, Women Dreaming-Into-Art: Seven Artists Who Create from Dreams, Marjorie Klemp: Her Spiritual Journey through Service, and her latest book, Bridging Night and Day: Decoding The Hidden Messages of Your Dreams.

Bridging Night and Day: Decoding The Hidden Messages of Your Dreams

Dream-Book-Cover-optDreams are life. They are not separate from us—they are us! Acting as our own personal GPS, dreams offer help with work situations, provide insight into our relationships, and help us gain clarity about life decisions.

Bridging Night and Day is an interactive guidebook to help you learn easy ways to bridge your dreams to your everyday life. The book includes simple methods to increase dream recall and to record your dreams; easy ways to interpret common dream themes; explanations of nightmares and reoccurring dreams; and descriptions of how waking dreams can improve our lives!

Bridging Night and Day is the first book in Patricia’s Transition Series.

Bridging Night and Day $19.95 plus shipping/handling.  California residents pay sales tax.

Drinking the Dragon: Stories of the Dark Night of Soul

Drinking the Dragon: Stories of the Dark Night of Soul focuses on the spiritual awareness gained  from adversities in the lives of everyday people. Increasing numbers of persons in western culture are being forced to greater spiritual consciousness through experiencing The Dark Night of Soul.

Drinking the Dragon Book: $20 + $5 shipping/handling. California residents pay sales tax.

Drinking the Dragon:  Stories of the Dark Night of Soul Companion Workbook
Through a series of questions and exercises, you are invited to embark on an inner journey of reflection to facilitate emotional and psychological healing. The Process Workbook provides you with a means to examine and improve your relationships to yourself, to others, and to the Divine.

Drinking the Dragon Workbook: $20 + $5 shipping/handling.  California residents pay sales tax.

Save! Purchase both the Drinking the Dragon book and workbook for $35 + $5 shipping/handling. California residents pay sales tax.

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Women Dreaming-into-Art: Seven Artists who Create From Dreams

Women Dreaming-into-Art features a collection of dreams and dream-related art of seven well-known women artists. In separate interviews, the artists relate how dreams have guided their lives, influenced their art, and connected them to emerging trends in the culture-at-large. The artists work in various media such as performance art, painting, literature, dance, music, and film. Of special psychological interest are the life crises and transitions experienced by each woman in her quest to find an authentic artistic voice.Women Dreaming-into-Art Book:  $20 + $5 shipping/handling. California residents pay sales tax.

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Marjorie Klemp: Her Spiritual Journey through ServiceMarjorie Klemp

Marjorie Klemp is petite, standing only 5’ 1” in height. She could be anybody’s grandmother.  But she is a spiritual giant and an adventurer at heart.Learn about Marjorie’s past life as one of the notorious dagger-carrying Assassins in the 12th century and about her dream encounter with Banjani, spiritual master at the Faquiti Monastery in the Gobi Desert.Travel with Marjorie as she visits the highlands of Scotland–where she dreams about her past life as a simple Scottish farmer–and explore with her the multicultural richness and religious diversity of Southeast Asia. Enjoy her musings on her affinity with Ben Franklin and read about her life-altering meeting with modern-day religious figure, Paul Twitchell.Stitching these experiences together is what Marjorie calls the Golden Thread, the spiritual flow that acts through persons and events to bring greater love and freedom into the world.“When acts are done with love,” says Marjorie, “the whole world is raised up.”You do not need a Kindle device to read Kindle books. You can download software so that you can read the book in your browser, on your smartphone, on your computer, or on your tablet.Buy the ebook on

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