Are You in a Transition?

Are you going through a stressful or troubled time? So many people are these days! Transitions can leave us feeling overwhelmed, or powerless. If you are facing divorce, the death of a loved one, loss of a home or job, health issues, or other life crisis, you need support and guidance.

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Patricia Ariadne, Ph.D.I’m Dr. Patricia Ariadne, Ph.D., MFT. Over the past two decades, I have helped hundreds of people navigate change. I can help you discover the person you were meant to be. Let me be your guide as you cross to the other side of your difficult life passage. As a licensed psychotherapist and the author of Drinking the Dragon: Stories of the Dark Night of Soul, I can help you heal your past, manage the present, and shape your future.

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Listen to an interview with me on Coast to Coast AM with George Noory…Listen-Icon-Red  I spoke with George about The Dark Night of the Soul in 2012. Listen as I explain how you can grow through such challenging times. 


I simply adore Dr. Ariadne! Her approach to therapy is so heartfelt and unique in that she’s able to see deeper into ‘the soul’ of her clients to help determine the best treatment possible for ultimate healing and growth. Dr. Ariadne helped me achieve truly positive results not only within myself, but also with others in both my personal and professional life.” T.H.

Watch a video on surviving and thriving through the Dark Night of Soul:

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